A Fun Way to Get Your Child Ahead

Montessori Story Book

Early Education Montessori Story Book

"I love this book!! Super good for toddlers especially for long car rides. It never leaves my truck!! My kids love it!"-Verified Buyer- Cristina Erwin

  • Helps fine motor skills, memory, and brainpower

  • Keeps your child engaged and motivated to learn for hours

  • Help Prevent them From getting addticed to Smatphones and Tablets Early 

  • Develops independencecreativity

    attention span, and problem-solving skills

  • 90-day returns 1-year warranty

If you are looking for a fun entertaining way for your little one to learn and grow without getting addicted to a tablet or smartphone look no further than our Montessori Storybook. 

The Book can help them develop the habit of reading before they are even able to with its 16 interactive stories. Ranging from walking a dog to brushing a hippo's teeth. We are sure your child will find a story they love whether there a boy or girl! 

Now we have gone through the book and made sure every story was safe and appropriate for children two years and older so you have to worry about leaving them alone with it or any uncomfortable conversations. We also made sure our book is made out of 100% non-toxic felt. So if your little one likes to chew, bite, or teeth you have nothing to worry about. 

Now with summer coming to a close and kids going to school soon as part of our back-to-school celebration, we have put our book on sale for 50% off! On top of this, every book comes with a 1-year warranty as well as 90-day returns. Making it practically a no-brainer. So what are waiting for? Click the button below.

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Great For Travel and Long Waits

Keep your Child both Quiet and Entertained 

This book is perfect for family trips, plane rides, or even a long wait in a doctor's office. It sure to keep your child entertained. you won't have to worry about them complaining about boredom, reaching for your phone or screaming about wanting the ipad.

A great gift for your kid or Grandkid 

Why Should I get this book for my Child?

  • Keep Your Little One  Entertained without getting addicted to a tablet or phone

  • Develop the Lifelong habit of learning Early

  • Let Them Explore and Play with 16 Stories

  • Risk Free- 1-Year warranty 90- day returns 

  • One of the few toddler toys can be used for years not Months

Product Info:

  • Age Range: 1 1/2+

  • Book Size : 9.8" x 7.9" x 3.5" (25cm x 20cm x 9cm)

  • Material: Felt

  • Weight: 1 pound or 17.3oz 

  • Cleaning / Care: Spot clean ONLY.


What Age range is this book for?

Our Book can be given to Children ages one and a half to four.  If bought for a younger toddler they can grow into the book and play with it for years to come. It will not be like most baby toys that are outgrown within six months to a year.

Is the book Safe to be Chewed on And Durable?

Chewing, teething, throwing, and temperature tantrums are all things The Early Education Montessori Book can endure. It is made with 100% non-toxic felt that is soft and will never hurt your little one or lead to things breaking or scratching if thrown.

What Kind Of Content is inside the Book? Is it Safe and Appropriate

We have made sure our Book is 100% safe for your little ones to play with and read. It contains simple interactive stories. Like walking a dog, Driving a firetruck, and selling ice cream. Giving your child this book will not lead to any uncomfortable or inappropriate conversations regardless of your beliefs.

How long is Shipping?

All order are shipped out 24-hours after they are placed. Except on Sunday. All orders placed then will be shipped out on Monday. Our typical shipping time for the US is 4-10 days. For all other countries it is 5-16 due to having to go through customs.

What If I or My Little one doesnt like or are unhappy with the Book?

If for any reason your or your little one are unhappy with the book simply email our support and we will respond within 24 hours and make the situation right 


Over 4647+ Happy Parents and Toddlers

Grandson Loves it!

“My 14 month grandson enjoys this book. Some pages are too advanced for him, but others he really enjoys. The more difficult pages he can do when he gets older. He has fun brushing the hippos teeth. The felt pieces have places to be stored, but end up everywhere because grandson doesn’t put them back in place. So if you’re using it as a travel toy maybe have a little bag for it. Do not put it in the washing machine like my daughter did! I had to buy a new one. That’s how much I like it though.”.- Verified Purchase Ally P, 61, Ohio

Its Not compicated In fact anyone can use it

“ To be honest ive never pumped air in my tires before. And got this portable air pump because my back left tire had a small leak on it and the deealership said it would be 8 weeks before they got replacement in. I used this in mean time and was never frustrated or had any problems. Even my husband was impressed. We now keep on in each of our vehicle just in case”.- Verified Purchase Ally P, 61, Ohio

This Book surpised me in a good way

“We purchased this quiet book for my 18 month old daughter to keep her entertained on a 12 hour car trip.

Pros: It has SO MANY pages with fun things to play with- it kept her happy for a long time in the car and on nearly every car trip since! Lots of opportunities for imaginative play, and there are traditionally boy and girl themed pages (dump trucks and fire trucks plus a page of babies and dress up items)

.”- Verified Purchase Shelly T, 47, Montana

This Little Guy surpised me in a good way

“Im gonna be honest i didnt think thing was going to work. The only reason bought it was because of the return policy and the fact the support got back to me in less day on couple questions I had. I do have to say when it arrived I was supised I was able to fill up my jeep tires to the desired amount as well as my wifes car in just a few minutes. I do have to say the puppy was stronger then a thought and a bit louder too.”- Verified Purchase Tim H, 47, Montana

Pick Your Book Bundle 

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Montessori Story Book

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Two Montessori Story Book

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Three Montessori Story Book

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